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She might spend Christmas at Sandringham, but the Queen still puts on a spectacular festive display at Windsor Castle each December.

Before they started retreating to their Norfolk estate in the late 1980s, the royal family would spend Christmases at the historic royal venue. The then Princess Elizabeth, and her younger sister Princess Margaret, would even perform pantomimes for the rest of the family.

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Whether you are the person who starts holiday shopping right after Halloween or the person who loves the hustle and bustle of the final few shopping days, the holiday season serves as a reminder that we will soon be closing out another year. Did you get all your home renovation projects done this year that were on your list?

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Proper planning is the key to a successful renovation project and will save you both time and money. KNOW YOUR HOME What's the general condition of your home? Has it been renovated previously? How much did you pay for the house, and how much is left on the mortgage? Answering these questions will give you a preliminary idea of what can be done to your home. Inspect the premises. Walk through every room. Cast a critical eye on all aspects of the house, not just the areas you want to renovate. Think about what effect the renovation work will have...

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Andrea Rugg / Getty Images Basement bathrooms improve the utility and value of your home, but installing a lower-level lavatory can present a few challenges. Here’s a look at the important considerations of a basement bathroom and a quick construction how-to.   Important Considerations Planning ahead will help you communicate with your pros and ensure you stay on target and within budget. Use these details to help you organize your installation plans. Design: Designing your new bathroom is a critical step of the construction process. In addition to determining the scope of your project, your bathroom design will also affect your licensing,...

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Photo © TradeWinds Imports In an ideal world, money would grow on trees and all bathrooms would be huge. In the real world, many of us need to carve out more space in our small baths without spending big bucks on a complete renovation. One area where you can find those crucial extra inches is at the sink. With a little creative tweaking of sink styles, types of installation, fixtures and cabinetry choices, you can turn a cramped bathroom into a more pleasurable retreat. Sure, you may not be able to wash all your delicates in these sinks, but for daily hand washing and...

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