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Personalized backsplash tiles

Image by: Stacy Begg

"My favourite trend is using personalized tiles for a backsplash. It’s upping the game on the classic subway tile. Handmade tiles are available in a wide range of shapes and every possible hue one can imagine. If you can’t find the colour you want out of a range of 300 standard shades, colour matching is an option to achieve a truly one of a kind look. Tiles come in a variety of glazes and surfaces such as crackled, metallic, matte, satin, gloss. My favourite new tile is a watercolour tile which has incredible depth and fluidity."
— Orsi Panos

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No Uppers

Image by: Donna Griffith

"When it comes to kitchen cabinetry ... no uppers! I love this look however some are not comfortable with the loss of cabinet space. When designing your kitchen, you can get creative with making up for lost space by using drawers everywhere instead of doors. If not equipped with proper shelving, doors can sometimes be a wasted space. The look of no uppers provides such a clean look and will let your tiles or marble applications shine."
— Margie Doyle White of Doyle Design Group

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Metal accents

Image by: Tracey Ayton

"Heading into 2018, we're seeing a lot more creativity with the use of metal accents in kitchen design. This includes inlays in tile and stone, accent bands and reveals in cabinetry, and of course cabinetry hardware.  The metal detailing can be subtle, and gives a custom, sophisticated look to any kitchen. The easiest way to incorporate this into a kitchen is with metal inlay in tile, as there are many options readily available, or through the use of cabinetry hardware. You can update the kitchen with these simple pieces without having to do a full renovation.  For more custom detailing, get creative in the cabinetry design and add some accent bands in metal finishes."
— Stacy McLennan


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The lived-in kitchen

Image by: Donna Griffith

"The notion of the lived-in kitchen isn't a new one, but I'm excited to see it continue into 2018. Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but in recent years I've seen a significant shift in making them feel more like an extension of your living room. From hanging art, to decorating with wall sconces and — heck — even table lamps, there's no shortage of ways to up the ante on the lived-in front. My current favourite kitchen trend, however, has to do with omitting upper cabinetry altogether. You, of course, need to recapture that storage space via a wall to wall pantry. But omitting upper cabinets not only gives your kitchen a lighter, easier, breezier feel, it also makes your lower cabinets and countertops feel more like standalone furniture, which I'm totally on board with. In addition, it gives you a huge expanse of wall space that allows you to really play around with stunning backsplash options. Win-win!"
— Jacquelyn Clark, Founder & Principal of Lark & Linen Interior Design


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Tiles everywhere

Image by: Alex Lukey / Styling: Ann Marie Favot

"Tiles are not to be used as just backsplashes but rather on every wall in the kitchen that has dry wall. Tile it all! It’s such a beautiful look, especially if you choose to use a somewhat neutral calming tile. Dry wall is so done. Tiles make for an interesting backdrop and can provide a more industrial look for a more modern aesthetic and vintage look for your traditional look. I also believe that the square 4 by 4 or 5 by 5 tiles will soon replace 3 by 6 subway tile. The subway tile is a classic and came back with a vengeance over the last 20 years leaving the square kicked to the curb. But look out – it’s coming back and in beautiful colours, sheen and texture."
— Margie Doyle White


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Sophisticated technology and finishes

Image by: Stacey Brandford | Styling: Morgan Lindsay & Stacy Begg

"I have two favourite kitchen design trends for 2018 that are both defined by sophistication. The first is sophistication in cooking with steam convection ovens, induction cooktops, sous vide, and customized and automated espresso machines, with brands like Thermador and Bosch leading the way. The second is sophistication in finishes, with a heavy emphasis on gorgeous veined marble taking over solid stone islands, book matched backsplashes and thick, square-edged countertops for a truly luxurious and visually inspiring space. When it comes to integrating these trends into your kitchen design, always start by choosing your appliances first. Really consider how you live, cook and entertain. Do you need double ovens for large holiday gatherings? Do you prefer a range with an expansive cooktop for simmering all those sauces and sides? Once the appliances have been customized to make those dreams a reality, the rest of the kitchen can be designed to create the best flow between your work and socializing zones. Kitchens are as much living rooms as they are culinary centres these days, so every aspect of how the space will be used needs to be carefully considered."
Sarah Walker,  The Curated House


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Image by: Donna Griffith | Styling: Christine Hanlon

"Marble is not a new trend whatsoever however the use of marble is changing. It’s not just being used for countertops but for walls and floors as well, so wrap it up everywhere! Real marble is exquisite and can be high maintenance and somewhat hard on the wallet, however if you love this look but don’t want the exorbitant cost of marble or maintenance, there are other options such as man-made quartz that looks exactly like marble. Certain companies have finally perfected porcelain and quartz lookalike marbles that are equally as beautiful as the real the thing, just less expensive with very little to no maintenance."
— Margie Doyle White

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Disappearing hood vents

Image by: Stacey Brandford / Styling: Ann Marie Favot


"I have been seeing a lot of disappearing vent hoods, vents that are tiled in subway tiles or the marble.  You can easily do this by building a frame and adding matching subway tiles or matching marble as backsplash."
Jennifer Ferreira


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