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With a soothing palette, herringbone flooring, brass accents and worldly touches, this cuisine would have Julia Child jealous.

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We talked to paint experts to learn about the coolest colours to incorporate into your abode in 2019.

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The house has an elevated, outdoor infinity pool that is accessible from within the building.

Located in the beautiful Austrian capital, Vienna, CoMED – by ad2 architekten – is a private residence with angles that resemble those of the world-famous Alps.


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When children are asked to draw a house, they draw a simple five-line representation.

Portuguese architect Filipe Saraiva has designed a home that is based on the simple perception of a house that a child would have.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the House in Ourém has a masterful level of sophistication and elegance.

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What are the best home projects to tackle in fall? We asked six designers for their advice on everything from little decor updates to major design upgrades.

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