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Designer Staci Edwards scores the kitchen of her dreams through a major renovation.

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For a home to be deemed stylish, beautiful or charming, it doesn't need to be sprinkled with expensive items or decorated by the most talented interior designer — all it needs is personality and character.
We rely on cool pieces of furniturefun accessories and old family heirlooms to add personality to our homes. But character can be a little harder to come by. New homes, in particular, can lack the quirky elements common in old homes, making it all too easy for spaces to become a tad sterile.
Luckily, it's easy to add charm to your quarters through design. Think a vibrant front door, elegant crown moulding or a look-at-me fireplace — all of which are simple updates you can add to your home this very weekend.

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There are simple and cost-effective ways in which you can transform your average kitchen into a stunning and welcoming space.

To some people, a beautiful kitchen consists of the latest cooking equipment, appliances, high-end cabinetry and upscale décor. Achieving this feat is not only time consuming, but will also make you delve deeper into your pocket to accomplish and maintain that sort of lifestyle.

However, there are simple and economical ways in which you can remodel your ordinary kitchen. You can update your kitchen to look marvelous at a low cost and ensure that it maintains the same classy and fresh look for years on end.

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Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Before you begin the first steps, take the pulse of the latest trends! Open shower, sober and pale tile to bring out the wooden cabinets, Italian fittings and more… We have compiled for you what we’ve seen of the latest design trends with our customers as 2018 approaches.

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here are the 10 tips!

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